Industry leading standards in flood defence solutions.

Flood Defence

Flood Defence

Collaborating seamlessly with industry partners, Trench Control specialises in comprehensive ground support services. Our expertise extends across a range of essential solutions, emphasising precision and stability of Flood defence walls.

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Tailored Stabilisation Solutions

As a specialised piling subcontractor, Trench Control excels in installing cutting-edge combi-walls.

These walls, comprising steel tubes and PU-sheet piles, are strategically driven into the ground using advanced vibro-driven techniques. Our team ensures accurate positioning through the use of specialised piling gates, guiding sheets and tubes into place with precision.

Tailored Stabilisation Solutions

Timely Completion & Quality Assurance

Trench Control prides itself on delivering results within specified timeframes. Our teams efficiently integrate steel tubes and sheet piles, allowing for subsequent drilling and coring operations. All installations adhere to strict tolerances, ensuring vertical alignment and a secure foundation anchored into the underlying rock.

Our approach to excellence and technical proficiency guarantees the successful implementation of Flood Defence Solutions, contributing to the overall stability and resilience of structures.

Efficient Installation Processes

Our commitment to efficiency is evident in our installation methods. We employ temporary ground gates affixed to existing structures, ensuring a stable foundation. The process involves the sequential driving of tubes and sheets, followed by impact to refusal, creating a robust and reliable structure.

To further enhance stability, we utilize advanced rotary coring techniques. A secondary Jackup barge facilitates the rotary coring of tubes into rock, creating sockets that are then backfilled with concrete. This meticulous approach adds an extra layer of strength to the foundation.